Friday, February 18, 2005

Slean - current events

  1. Tomorrow morning there will the highlights of Mix99 Humble and Fred show. It will include the valentines special with Sarah. You can listen to the streamed webcast if your outside of the Toronto area.
  2. Sarah was on Musique Plus this Monday. She did Mary, Day One, and doing an interview that was translated in French. If anyone happened to recorde it, please contact me.
  3. More Sarah concerts are being announced for April across Canada. Some tickets are on ticket master although they might not be listed on Sarah's offical page.
  4. Sarah and Jorane have been working on a song together to do on their tour. It's not quite done yet.
  5. Chart magazine was shooting photographs at her TO show and it looks like might have been present. Make sure to keep an eye on your local media. The sarahslean message board has been full of shots from her Mod show gig among others.

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