Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Project: Scrapbook

Two, possibly three, years in the thought process... Project Scrapbook is finally being put into action and we want YOU to get involved.

Sarah Slean fans across Canada, and well... the world really, are coming together in a unique collaboration to give a little something back to Sarah.

The Idea:

A scrapbook with a page for each fan to decorate however he/she chooses. Write Sarah a message. Draw her a picture. Whatever your little heart desires.

To be included in the project, complete your 12"x12" page (standard scrapbook-sized paper... which you can just cut out of a bigger piece of paper or poster board if you're a guy and don't want to tolerate the social stigma of actually walking into a scrapbook store.) and send it to the project coordinator before mid-June because the goal is to give it to Sarah for her birthday.

Now get off the computer and pull all your sleanster passioneer creativity out from your pillowcases and maybe, just maybe, we'll see it materialize before June 21.

Want more details, check this thread or email me at nicole at littleslean dot com.


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