Wednesday, December 29, 2004 Contest! is two!

Yep, it's confirmed. This pretty little toddler was conceived about 3 and a half years ago and birthed over the holidays 2 years ago. To celebrate, I am running a contest, only available to the subscribers of the newsletter (so go sign up if you haven't yet!) The winner will receive a mini slean button that reads "I want to be brave" (and has a picture of a nightbug on it) as well as an unopened brand spanking new album of one of my favourite local Torontonian female musicians. Sorry, it's gonna be a surprise, but I will let you know that said musician features our very dear Kevin Fox playing the cello on this album.

Contest details:
Answer correctly all 5 of the questions below and tell me (in 150 words or less) what your favourite sarah slean song is and why. The winner will have his/her story featured in the next newsletter, and of course win my wonderful prize package.

But you better act fast. Contest ends Sunday, Jan 2, 2004 at noon (Vancouver time).

Oh! And for the questions (hint, all answers can be found somewhere on

1.) Which character from "Alice in Wonderland" did Sarah play when she was in grade 4?
2.) For what rock album did Sarah Slean and Damhnait Doyle collaborate vocals?
3.) Which previous back-up vocalist produced her own album with the help of Melanie Doane and her brother?
4.) In which horror flick was "Weight" played?
5.) Sarah Slean was featured on which daytime talk show in the past few months?

Submissions should be sent to or you can pm me on the message board.

Good luck all you little passioneers!


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