Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Music Video - Out at Sea

Hello readers! It's been awhile since news has been posted to littleslean as most news updates have been popping up on Sarah's official site, Facebook and Twitter.  Here is something for those eager to know about Sarah's latest music video.

A Craigslisting posting has indicated that Sarah's new music video will be filmed at Pouch Cove this weekend.  Sarah also confirmed this via a Tweet yesterday.

The video is being done by Leblanc + Cudmore films, a production company based out of Toronto.

Scott Cudmore had previously directed & edited Sarah Slean with the Art of Time Ensemble for the music video for I'll Never Tear You Apart.  Michael Leblanc photographed the video.

No word to what song the video is for.  A couple of months back Sarah polled her fans on what video she be made for Land & Sea.  My money would be something from the 'Sea' album as they are heading to the location where that album was written.

Sarah spoke about Pouch Cove and writing there during her promotion of Land & Sea.  Apparently there are some ice bergs in the area right now.

I went to St. John’s, Newfoundland. There’s a little place called Pouch Cove. I have a wonderful art dealer friend there who will find me a little shack by the cliffs at the ocean. He rented me a piano. I was sitting there with this massive window in basically a cabin – like, lots of beetles! It was very rustic, but with this gorgeous grand piano. I would sit there looking out this window, and would be looking at the changing sunlight on the sea, for this record called Sea. And the whales would come into the bay and play and spout all day. It was really like ‘wow, okay, the universe has put me here to finish this music. It makes perfect sense.’ I finished my scores there and brought them back, and then all the dominos fell into place.

To finalize the scores, Slean retreated to the seaside town of Pouch Cove, NFLD, where the aforementioned “mysterious essence” was on full display. Steps from her front porch the ocean crashed against craggy cliffs and pods of whales came to play on a daily basis. There she had the necessary time, silence and solitude to realize her vision.


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