Monday, May 02, 2011

Sarah Slean and Jorane Create New Music Together

On April 2nd Sarah Slean and Jorane played together for a CBC special that airs May 10th. Jorane who plays chello toured across Canada sharing headling roles with Sarah in 2005. On the day of this recording Sarah tweeted "Created melancholy music on-the-fly today with the wonderful @Jorane chez Maison Radio-Canada. How I love Montreal..."

The following information comes from CBC's Rendez-Vous who have a video trailer and pictures of the event up. After May 10th they will be adding videos, songs and interviews.

"Sarah Slean and Jorane seem to have a mutual artistic connection. They both create very expressive, evocative and sometimes theatrical songs. So it is no surprise that when we hear them performing together it feels so natural.

For this session, the wonderful Jorane delivers new versions of her songs, accompanied by a string quartet and piano, in arrangements created especially for this recording.

The very talented Sarah Slean was also quite courageous to accept to perform some of Jorane's songs and to go where no other singer has dared gone before! And this is where Sarah Slean's passion for French culture pays off as we hear her sing in French for the first time ever.

Together, Jorane and Sarah create a brand new song, inspired by one of Sarah's personal experiences in Paris. The result is extremely touching.

Let yourself be carried away by this dreamy, friendly, wondrous and luminous Rendez-Vous session.

Check back after 4 p.m. ET on May 10th to enjoy videos, songs and interviews from this episode."


Kristilyn Robertson said...

I love this! Sarah sings so beautifully in french - now I wish I stuck with it all through university. Does anyone have the lyrics for the Sauve-Moi song? Or for Start Again? I've transcribed the latter the best I can, but am a little unsure about my french translations ... Would be interesting to see these two collaborate on an album. 

Do Larabee said...

Here, I tried to jot down the lyrics of 'Sauve-moi' but Sarah's accent makes it a bit hard. Had to go back to Jorane's version to check. Still unsure about a couple of words.

Comment pourrais-je me rendre invisibleQue mon chemin ne croise pas le tiensLa tête en feu tant je t'ai sous les yeuxContre moi je garde les images de mes rêves abrutis

Sauve-moi de toiSauve-moi de toiSauve-moi

Comment pourrais-je me rendre insensibleQue ton bonheur n'affecte pas le miensQuand tes amours m'étranglent, me laissent aux vautoursQuand tes amours m'étranglent

Sauve-moi de toiSauve-moi de toiSauve-moi

Comment demeurer immobileQue mon regard ne cherche plus le tiensJe vois tout le monde se retourner vers moiTout le monde sauf toiTout le monde sauf toi

Sauve-toi de moiSauve-toi de moiSauve-toi

Miltongirl said...

Why has CBC taken all the videos down. Anywhere else we can find them?

Cameron said...

Do Larabee, thanks for providing lyrics!  

MiltonGirl, CBC's overhaul to CBC Music has broken many of their previous links.  The bright side in this situation is they uplaoded the video to YouTube.  It's embedded on the official Slean site too.