Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Land and Sea features Dean Drouillard and mixed by Gordie Johnson

Dean Drouillard who played guitar for Sarah Slean on her Baroness tour has recorded with her on the "Land" half of the double album during the Fall of 2010. In one of his blog posts he described the process and noted that Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar mixed the recording. Gordie Johnson has worked with Joel Plaskett who produced the "Land" album.

"I spent a few days playing guitar on the first half of Sarah Slean‘s forthcoming bouncy and poppy release Land and Sea. The second half of the double album consists of voice, piano and orchestra. The band sessions were energetically conducted by Joel Plaskett with sarah and her regular live band playing in the live room. Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar) mixed the band recordings and it is scheduled to be released sometime in 2011."

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Coz Baldwin said...

Bouncy and poppy, eh? Hmm.