Friday, December 24, 2010

Beauty Lives - Cover Art, Instrumentation and more.

Physical copies of Beauty Lives went on sale at the holiday show and mail orders have started to arrive as early as this Tuesday.  Here are some of the details on this album that was put together on fan input.

The standard edition that comes in digipak featuring artwork of Sarah's on it. The photo from the cover comes from Day One and like that cover, has been a scene painted over it.  The inside of the case also features 2 additional paintings of Sarah, one is simplified onto the CD itself.

The B-side album was recorded over 3 days and 8 of the songs were mixed in 10 hours.  Sarah described the result as being like a live album with a few overdubs.

Some of the songs kept similar arrangements to the live versions that had been previewed on littleslean. Others were given new instrumentation and arrangements.  Everything by the Gallon captures the intimate creeks of wood in the studio and has the addition of Royal Wood accompanied on a mandolin.  Sadie features Sarah on a toy piano, one that Sarah posted this picture of on Twitter.  In "My Song" Sarah added a piece in where she hums and drum is played.  The liner note printed inside the CD case credits Sarah instrumentation on vocals, timpani, strings, toy piano and mission organ.

The album was produced with Royal Wood and the case says lyrics will be available on

"All in all, Bsides CD is a bit sad and a bit show-tune, scary-intimate and *very* dark."
Sarah Slean (Tweet)
This album was put together at the request of fans and I would love to hear your reviews.  Beauty Lives follows The Baroness Redecorates and Black Flowers being Sarah's 3rd album release in 2 years.

The comments on littleslean have been overhauled and there are fan communities on Facebook like The Passioneers.

Did your song request make it?  Are you waiting for digital release?  Were you lucky enough to get a limited edition copy? Was this your first time hearing one of the songs or did it bring back any memories?

Have a happy and safe holidays.


EmWyllie said...

I was lucking to grab a limited edition copy for both myself and my mother but, sadly, it hasn't arrived yet. I also ordered a standard copy for a friend in the States, which also hasn't arrived.

But seeing the picture and hearing your thoughts on it has me more excited than ever! Beauty Lives now, Land & Sea sometime next year. We are spoiled little Passioneers and I'm loving every minute of it!

Paul said...

Mine hasn't arrived yet, which is odd because Maplecore's email said it would come on the 23rd. But that's okay.