Wednesday, November 10, 2010

JUNO Sole: Sarah's shoes at the Beta Shoe Musuem (Update)

As part of an event celebrating 40 years of the Juno's, Sarah Slean's shoes have been included at the Juno Sole exhibit  The one of kind shoes are on display for until the end of the month and is free with admission to the Beta Shoe Museum. Sarah attended the opening event in a stunning black dress designed by Lauren Bagliore (pictures) . Other guests in attendance were Fred Penner, July Black, and Hawksley Workman. Penner had attended one of Sarah's concerts in 2005, Black was special guest performer at last year's holiday show and Workman ties to Sarah include producing her album Night Bugs.

BlogTO mentions that the exhibit also includes videos and sounds from past Juno's.  Over the years Sarah has been nominated 3 times for Juno awards and has taken part in many events surrounding the show.

Another Juno event to keep an eye out are the Juno Decade shows scheduled at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. No indications that Sarah is playing them but on March 5th there is MapleMusic and Pheremone Records (Black Flowers) show.  As those concert dates come closer many of the participating artists names are mentioned and we will let you know if Sarah's name ever comes up.

Update 2010-12-24:
Fashion Television interviewed Sarah and showed a picture of the shoes she wore at the 2009 Junos.


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