Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Sarah Slean Documentary @ TIFF (Update)

For months I have been following City Sonic as they put together an episode where artists discuss an venue they have been intimately tied too.

The filmed piece directed by Rob Pilichowski that focuses on Sarah Slean and the Queen Street concert venue the Rivoli will be premiering as part of The Toronto International Film Festival. The Rivoli was one of the venues Sarah started her career at continued to play many memorable sold out shows there including her annual holiday shows. Her signed portrait photograph was the only one to hang above the stage bar for a number of years.

The film will be shown as one of the free showings at Dundas Square which this year at the festival will also include free musical concerts be Neil Young and Joan Baez.

The date and time of the showing have yet to be announced.

September 15th, 12pm Followed by Sweet Toronto - Update 2009-08-19

For those that can not make it to the free showing, City Sonic has been putting up the videos in high quality to YouTube and to one of my favourite music sites, Aux TV.

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