Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sarah Slean covered on Canadian Idol (again)

Last year Sarah Slean's Sweet Ones was covered on Canadian Idol. Sarah looked up the video on YouTube to see Carly Ray Jespen's version. The song was also covered during the Toronto Week editions.

This week Theo Tams covered the track.

Idol was not the only place to spot Sarah's been promoted lately.

Today posters of her promoting the Baroness were up in Toronto. Lady Dedlock on Sarah's forum also noted that a clip of Sarah from the Get Home video was projected over the Parliament Buildings. Lastly, Alanis Morissette appears to be continuing to praise Sarah and the album The Baroness.

Update 2008-09-15
Theo did win Canadian Idol and has gone back to playing Sweet Ones on a few occassions to which some have been posted on YouTube. Here is a link to him playing it live on Canada AM.

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