Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sarah Slean - Hillside 2008 Set Lists

hillside 200
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As promised, here is a review for both of Sarah's Hillside sets this year.

Saturday 2008-07-26, 5:45 Main Stage Show
  1. California
  2. Euphoria
  3. Get Home
  4. Hopeful Hearts
  5. Lucky Me (Jazz ver.)
  6. When Another Midnight (Jazz ver.)
  7. No Place at All
  8. Notes From the Underground
  9. Sound of Water

Sunday 2008-07-27 - 4:00 The Sun Stage
  1. All My Trials (Bahmian lullaby, v. Joan Beaz)
  2. Looking for Someone
  3. Untitled (A minor, G, F, A minor) - Sheila Grunner with Sarah on Piano
  4. Abide With Me (Henry Francis Lyte, 1847)

Both sets seemed to end very shortly and Sarah appeared to be ready to play another song during her Sunday set but was out of time. For Saturday's set Sarah sat at mini grand piano and was joined by the same band that joined her on the Books and Ballgowns tour. For the Sunday workshop she played an electric piano and was sometimes joined by Sheila Grunner (Black Cabbage) playing violin.

Saturday's main set was filmed in entirety by a professional camera. I was not able to confirm with the camera man how the recording will be used as he was always busy recording other sets when I saw him. There was no mention of CBC presenting either of Sarah's sets but all stages are recorded and CBC Radio 2 will be doing a highlights special on I believe August 22.

More photos of Sarah at Hillside can be found on Flickr. The photo featured, hillside 200 was Originally uploaded by Flare

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