Friday, May 02, 2008

Sarah's New Book of Poetry - New Tour Merch

New to Sarah's merchandise table for the Book and Ballgowns Tour is her new book, The Baroness. This is her follow up to her 2005 book of poetry and original paintings titled Ravens.

Thanks to Kyall for proving images of his copy. The table of contents is as follows:

  1. The Glacier (Posted to Sarah's Journal, 2004-11-04)
  2. Vs.
  3. Driving in Saskatchewan (Read at Wanderlust, 2006-02-13)
  4. Emergency in Night Fog
  5. Buddha Crowns
  6. Sun I Send Down
  7. The Child’s Room
  8. Modern Man (Played live at Harbourfront, 2007-12-20. Song did not make the album)
  9. If I Did Not Eat
  10. Randall’s 50th
  11. The Art Professor (About Peter? Sarah's forum post 2004-10-01)
  12. Orphan Music (Title of her 2006 live and b-side album release)
  13. Lonely Side of the Moon (Inspired by Schubert for the 2007-03-15 Art of Time Schubert show, song available via iTunes)
  14. Abecedarian (Projected during Lucy Ruperts dance inspired by the poem 2007-11-08. Poem published to her blog on 2008-03-20)
  15. The Grandmaster (Posted to Sarah's Journal, 2005-02-06)
  16. Molly (Not to be mistaken for Pepper McGowan's song of the same name)
  17. A Hundred Years
  18. Equator
  19. You Are The Holy Tower
  20. Good Sweet Lily (Posted to Sarah's journal - 2004-12-11)
  21. There I Travel
  22. Widow
  23. Jack-in-the-Box
  24. Rays
  25. Crescendo (Posted to Sarah's journal - 2006-02-11)
  26. Positive Nihilist
  27. One Day (Anagram of Day One, Sarah's 2004 album and song title)
  28. I Dream of You
  29. The Rose (Inspired by Schubert for the 2007-03-15 Art of Time show, song available via iTunes)
  30. The Baroness Redecorates
  31. Soliloquy (Published in The Baroness album notes, heard in Shadowland)

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