Thursday, April 03, 2008

Favourite Baroness Songs - Poll Results

The littleslean news page has been collecting votes on visitors favourite songs for the Baroness since its release. Each song was picked as a favourite to someone of the 50 participants. Although not scientific, I think it's a small snapshot of early impression of some Sarah's followers.

Euphoria took most the votes being trailed by Sound of Water and Looking for Someone.

The lead single, Get Home, ranked mid pack.

In the basement was Goodnight Trouble and Please Be Good to Me.

The full results are posted below:
Hopeful Hearts
10 (20%)
Get Home
12 (24%)
16 (32%)
Goodnight Trouble
6 (12%)
Notes from the Underground
13 (26%)
Sound of Water
15 (30%)
No Place at All
9 (18%)
Please be Good to Me
4 (8%)
9 (18%)
So Many Miles
8 (16%)
13 (26%)
Looking for Someone
14 (28%)

Thank you for all those that participated. On something unrelated, a guitar cover of Vertigo by Derekmok has been put up on YouTube.

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