Monday, April 23, 2007

Hear Sarah Cover Joni on CBC Radio 2 (Online)

Update: The Great Candian Songbook concert is now featured on the CBC Radio 2 website:

Earlier this month Sarah took the stage with CBC Radio Orchestra to where she played four songs in tribute to Joni Mitchell. CBC Radio 2 has the show set to broadcast on May 2, 2007 as part of Canada Live.
"The Great Canadian Songbook

April 15, 2007
Chan Centre at UBC

Alain Trudel, conductor
Veda Hille, vocalist
Sarah Slean, vocalist
Ron Sexsmith, vocalist
Marc Déry, vocalist

Four Great Canadian Songwriters: Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Buffy St. Marie and Serge Fiori. Four Great Canadian Singers: Sarah Slean, Ron Sexsmith, Veda Hille and Marc Déry. Four Great Canadian Composer/Arrangers: Phil Dwyer, Glenn Buhr, Giorgio Magnanensi and Alain Trudel."
The CBC Radio 2 blog posted the songs Sarah covered for the night:
Joni Mitchell sung by Sarah Slean arranged by Phil Dwyer:
"Both Sides Now", "Woodstock", "Free Man in Paris", "All I Want"
Phil Dwyer who did the arranging appears to be also working on Sarah's upcoming tribute to Canadian artists with the May 10/11, 2007 Art of Time Ensemble concerts.

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