Saturday, March 24, 2007

Live Slean Video - Online viewing

Update: April 18, 2007
It appears that Stage6 has been reformatted and this video clip is no longer being hosted.

March 24, 2007 Archive:

CBC has uploaded a good quality performance of Sarah playing California with a short interview. The performance was shown on CBC TV January 21, 2007 on a program titled Sunday. The video uploaded by the CBC is on a service similar to YouTube and Google Video but it works using DivX. On my first visit to the site I was prompted to install an online DivX viewer. When the program was installed I had the option to Stream or Download (56 MB) the video.

What the video does not show is Sarah's lead into the commercial break playing Out in the Park. The video also ends early while the original broadcast shows Sarah complete California while credits for the program run on screen.

Earlier this week, elizalavelle on the Slean forum noted Sarah was on the CBC program The Hour. She weighs in on a segment on the Classical Debate and they show some footage of her rehearsing for her performance with the Art of Time Ensemble. You can watch the segment here:

Sarah played 2 new songs at the Art of Time Ensemble shows. CBC Radio 2 has purchased commissions on most the songs of the night for a later broadcast. The CBC Radio 2 site relaunched with a new look and new programming that does features a promising live music archive.

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