Thursday, September 08, 2005

New cover and news from Beachfest

Sarah had a great set under the sunny sky of Beachfest last Monday. Her set consisted for Eliot, Mary, Out in the Park, Lucky Me, and Sweetones. She played the show solo and modified her version of Mary slightly to like the remix.

It looked like K-OS may have been gearing up for a surprise collaberation of the When Another Midnite B-side. He snuck up on stage and hid behind a drum set as Sarah played. In reality he was just trying to prep for his set that followed hers. They did not play together that day although he did drop her name in a freestyle and played the Love Song, which on the album features a sample of Sarah on the album version.

During the headline set of the night Blue Rodeo called up Sarah Slean as a special guest. She did an outstanding cover of the Jayhawks "Blue" with backup vocals being provided by Ron Sexsmith and Steven Page. To see images of the event, see the Flickr badge on the sidebar of this page.

After Sarah's set she did an on air interview with the Mix99. She clearified that "her house buring down" was a metaphor and that Beck on Day One is 'Howie Beck'. She revealed the location of her art show is The Spin Gallery and that she will be working with Nelson Chan again. She also spoke a bit about love, that after Black Widow she "loves film", she "loves the Mix99.9" and that her adventures into many arts is "a symptom of being in love with everything".

The event was filmed and will probally have highlights available to be viewed like last year's Beachfest.

Sarah has also been interviewed in the September edition of Glow magazine. In it, the fan project Passioneers V.1 is mentioned and Sarah states that she is moving to France for a bit to really learn French. She will be touring in the UK/France from Oct1-Oct15th according to her Tour section. Thanks for Sam23 and Boywonder for that information.

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