Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BIG news, from Sarah herself.

Sarah posted today on the main page of the official site a ton of news. Read the entry here, and visit the Vitamins page for more of her words.

To summarize:
  1. Sarah is writing the new record now.
  2. At this time she is self managed.
  3. She is playing 4 songs at Beachfest.
  4. On October 1st-15th she will be touring with Buck65 in the UK/France.
  5. February 2nd is the opening of her art show in Toronto. She will play the opening with a 1 night only ensemble. More information and contest news TBA on the official site.
  6. Black Widow, the film that makes Sarah's acting debut at the Calgary Film Festival this Fall. Over the same season it should air on Bravo and CBC.
  7. Nelson Chan, who we interviewed for his work on the videos for Day One and Mary, has a new project with Sarah. A short film titled "The Baroness" will be animated by Nelson while scripting and scoring will be done by Sarah.
Again, read all the news from Sarah on the official page. We will keep an eye out on these events as they develop.

In other news, a redone video of Mary to the Improbable Pop Remix version has been made. Nelson had wanted to change parts of the original video and with the remix he has had the chance. He has some how managed to include more of Sarah into this video. The Mary (Improbable Pop Remix) audio can be purchased through or the Canadian iTunes shop. This is the version of the song that has been receiving rotation on the radio and fans were asked to request.

Lastly, you may have noticed that on the sidebar of this blog are now some moving pictures. The images are the most recent pictures uploaded to the Sarah Slean group pool on Flickr.
Feel free to browse and upload your Sarah pictures to the group.

Cameron Bay.

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