Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mary Radio Mix hits the radio

A radio remix of Mary has appeared on Toronto radio stations today. Both Chum FM and the Mix 99.9 played the upbeat version today. This is not the same mix that DJ Steve did live from C Lounge that was aired on Chum last month.

Request the Mary radio mix on Chum FM here.

Source, Neal "Sweetone"

Update June 17:
The new radio release has been sent out across Canada. See this thread for more details, Cathy also asked the following:
Now is the time to show your power. Call or email these stations and ask them to play Sarah Slean. Chime in here and let us know what stations you have covered - include an email link for others if you like. If your favorite station is not on the list, call them and ask them to add Mary. This group can make an impact for Sarah at radio!

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