Saturday, January 10, 2004

Hello and welcome to "The Buzz." This section of the website is a more indepth version of any of the news posted on the mainpage of and will include information that hasn't neccessarily been confirmed or released. This "heresay," or rather, collection of rumours (hopefully inspired by mostly truth!) will be updated as regularly as the information is provided. Here you will find talk about the new album, live shows, new songs, etc. It is not a place of gossip about Sarah's personal life.

The information will be a compilation of information found in various places: the official website, the several forums and message groups, the world wide web, and word of mouth. If I use information here that you have provided in any of these means or otherwise and want it removed or have credit given (I will try to give credit as much as possible) email me and I will make ammendments.

If you have news to contribute, click the contributors button on the side.

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, please email me and I will add you to the blog contributor's list. Please understand that this means you must follow the rules below:

1) No profanity
2) No boot swapping advertisements
3)Stay on topic
4)No personal gossip
5)Posts should be in the form of "news." Comments can be made in the comment box.
6)Any posts made are subject to editing.

Well, I hope this will become an effective means of staying up-to-date with Sarah Slean's musical career!

take care and think ferociously!

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