Friday, March 10, 2017

New Album - Metaphysics

It has almost been 5 years since my last post here. My departure has not been for lack of interest, rather a focus to supporting Sarah in an official capacity. I hope visitors to this site have kept well and informed on Sarah via her mailing list, facebook, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.

For those that have lost touch, since Sarah's last album Land & Sea, she released a live DVD and has new album titled Metaphysics out April 7, 2017. This new album release is unique as Sarah has pre-sold the album on PledgeMusic with a ton of exclusives. For $10 you get the new album, previews of all the songs before the release, a ton of updates that include some goodies from the littleslean vault. The lead single "Sarah" is out on YouTube now and the demo "Real Love" that didn't make the album.

The first concert announced after the new album's release is at CBC's Music Festival held Sat, May 27th 2017 at Echo Beach, Toronto.

For those that have been following all her updates, the above all comes to no surprise.  Here are some extras that I have turned up.

Posters with never seen before artwork for the new album are available in Toronto

Also saw a new press photo with the red backdrop and cover art available in high resolution available via SIX media

Lastly, pre-orders are up on Amazon with their sticker price of $15.25 CDN, with free shipping on items over $30.  Doesn't have all the bonus content you get with Pledge.

Lastly, Sarah another upcoming show with the Art of Time Ensemble at the end of this month.  Perhaps we will review it here alongside her previous performance with them.

Friday, November 16, 2012

More Europe Dates Coming

Sarah's website and last news letter indicated that both Europe and US dates are coming up.

The European dates start in January.
The US dates being in March and April.

The only confirmed European date so far is January 26  in Paris.

The following tour production company site points out that that Sarah will be also touring with Royal Wood from the 21st to the 26th.  The details for these shows are still not known or confirmed.

Sarah starts touring for "The Huron Carole" starting November 21st and her Canadian tour for 'Sea' commences in February.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sarah Slean - Flirted With You All My Life (audio)

On June 21st this year Sarah played an intimate house concert for the documentary styled TV show The Neighbors Dog. The audio of Sarah doing a cover of Vic Chesnutt's "Flirted With You All My Life" from the show has now been posted.

Every Sunday they air back to back episodes of the new season of shows. They have yet to air Sarah's. Check out their web site for their scheduale and wear to tune in. On Twitter they indicated they soon may have a way to watch the show online. In the mean time, it would be appreciated if anyone can recorde it for us.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Music Video - The Devil and the Dove (Video)

Hello, in case you may have missed Sarah's flurry of Tweets and the posting to Facebook, her new music video is now out.  The Devil and the Dove is filmed in Pouch Cover where Sarah wrote many of the songs on Sea.  The video was launched today as she's in Scotland as a speaker at the Global TED talk.  Our last posting to littleslean came when the video was being recorded back in March of 2011.

A number of updates to littleslean should be arriving in the coming days.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Music Video - Out at Sea

Hello readers! It's been awhile since news has been posted to littleslean as most news updates have been popping up on Sarah's official site, Facebook and Twitter.  Here is something for those eager to know about Sarah's latest music video.

A Craigslisting posting has indicated that Sarah's new music video will be filmed at Pouch Cove this weekend.  Sarah also confirmed this via a Tweet yesterday.

The video is being done by Leblanc + Cudmore films, a production company based out of Toronto.

Scott Cudmore had previously directed & edited Sarah Slean with the Art of Time Ensemble for the music video for I'll Never Tear You Apart.  Michael Leblanc photographed the video.

No word to what song the video is for.  A couple of months back Sarah polled her fans on what video she be made for Land & Sea.  My money would be something from the 'Sea' album as they are heading to the location where that album was written.

Sarah spoke about Pouch Cove and writing there during her promotion of Land & Sea.  Apparently there are some ice bergs in the area right now.

I went to St. John’s, Newfoundland. There’s a little place called Pouch Cove. I have a wonderful art dealer friend there who will find me a little shack by the cliffs at the ocean. He rented me a piano. I was sitting there with this massive window in basically a cabin – like, lots of beetles! It was very rustic, but with this gorgeous grand piano. I would sit there looking out this window, and would be looking at the changing sunlight on the sea, for this record called Sea. And the whales would come into the bay and play and spout all day. It was really like ‘wow, okay, the universe has put me here to finish this music. It makes perfect sense.’ I finished my scores there and brought them back, and then all the dominos fell into place.

To finalize the scores, Slean retreated to the seaside town of Pouch Cove, NFLD, where the aforementioned “mysterious essence” was on full display. Steps from her front porch the ocean crashed against craggy cliffs and pods of whales came to play on a daily basis. There she had the necessary time, silence and solitude to realize her vision.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sarah Returned to Pickering

Last night Sarah played a home town show as part of a private black tie function in her home town of Pickering.

The gala went on to support charities for the community that are mentioned in the mayor's message.  Sarah is mentioned as Juno Award winning artist that hasn't quite come true as yet.

Sarah tweeted a photo from the event yesterday of the mayor and herself.!/sarahslean/status/140635576658440192/photo/1

This week Sarah resumes her tour in Ottawa.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Art Show in Toronto This Thursday

Sarah is one of three artists to have her work featured at The Fly on The Wall art exhibit this Thursday at Gallery 360 in Toronto.  The other two featured visual artists are Doug Brown and Steven Papadopoulos.

They describe Gallery 360 at the following:

Housed in the offices of the entertainment law firm of Taylor Mitsopulos Klein Oballa, Gallery 360 is a private gallery exhibiting some of the world’s new and most adventurous visual art. Booking by appointment only.

Their website also inidcates RSVP are due today, the 21st.  Aside from Thursday party, I'm uncertain at the time of publishing if Sarah's work will at this galley will be open to the public.  The night before the event Sarah will wrap up her tour dates out West with a concert in Vancouver and then be heading back East.

For more information, visit Gallery360 web site.

Sarah's last known major art show was called Bleak House and came in 2006 at Spin Gallery in Toronto with Louise Upperton.  Her art work has continued since with new pieces being shown on her site.  Lithographs of some her selections are sold on her site and at her concerts.  What appears to be her lastest art work since the 100 hand painted limited edition copies of Land & Sea is the piano skirt being used for this tour.

Sarah Slean Piano Artwork Cover

Friday, November 04, 2011

Land & Sea Tour - 3 Days Deep

The Land & Sea tour kicked off in London ON this week with dates that followed in Peterborough and Hamilton.  Positive reviews have come in so far from each night for the concerts and over the VIP pre-show meet and greets.  There has been a surge of press the last few days that can be found with a quick google news search or via Twitter.  I will post the highlights and for those following Sarah on facebook they have been getting steady updates.

The band members for this tour are,
Lyle, Paul and Derek Downham.  She's also been joined by songwriter Karen Kosowski who been providing back up vocals and shared duties on the keys.

The opening show in London had the following set list provided by user 'nevermind' and full review can be found in Canadian Interviews.

Everybody's on TV
Set It Free
I am a Light
Notes from the Underground
The Day We Saved the World


Everything by the Gallon
My Eyes & Your Eyes
New Pair of Eyes
Girls Hating Girls
Get Home
Sweet Ones
Society Song
Sound of Water

Attention Archers

Euphoria was played as a request so it might pop out of the set list.  The show in Hamilton featured Sarah playing The Right Words.

For those interested in collecting set list and show reviews, the heavily ad supported site SetListFM has been having shows updated and it has some neat tools. that shows most of Sarah's current concert listing also supports show reviews and set lists.

Here is video that Sarah did with City News yesterday to promote this Saturday's concert in Toronto at The Winter Garden Theatre.

Aside from the concerts and press, Sarah played an early show at PCVS (Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational  School).  The school is currently facing closure for re-purposing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Emm Gryner Special Guest at Toronto Show?

Did the lovely Emm Gryner just agree to be a special guest at Sarah Slean's November 5th concert via Twitter?  In an exchange of Tweets last night last night it looks like they have come to a loose agreement.

On Saturday November 5th Emm Gryner is playing an early show at the Dakota Tavern in support of her new album Nothern Gospel.  The same day Sarah Slean is playing an 8:00 show at the historic Winter Garden Theatre.  Jim O'Leary pointed out to both girls that it's not the same time they double booked and got the ball rolling.

Emm has been highly supportive of Sarah's releases and they have a long history together.  Emm was a one of the special guest for Sarah's 2008 holiday concert in Toronto.

For those of you who missed the announcement on Sarah's facebook, she was on Canada AM today playing Set it Free.  The video is available here: