Friday, November 16, 2012

More Europe Dates Coming

Sarah's website and last news letter indicated that both Europe and US dates are coming up.

The European dates start in January.
The US dates being in March and April.

The only confirmed European date so far is January 26  in Paris.

The following tour production company site points out that that Sarah will be also touring with Royal Wood from the 21st to the 26th.  The details for these shows are still not known or confirmed.

Sarah starts touring for "The Huron Carole" starting November 21st and her Canadian tour for 'Sea' commences in February.


tahir sumar said...

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Mootpoint said...

Please come over to the Netherlands. Paradiso would be a great venue!

ProdigyBoy said...

She was in Netherland last week. Sorry you missed her.

Edmonton said...

Just thought I'd provide an update on the setlist for the March 2nd show in Sherwood Park (adjacent to Edmonton).  It was a great show with the strings musicians joining her (I think there were 11 strings players in total - 5 that tour with her and 6 from the Edmonton area).  There were three encores.  As always, it was a really great show filled with witty banter and fun stories in between the songs.  This was my 5th time seeing her live in concert and it was just as good as all the others.  If you have a chance to catch any of the shows on the remainder of the tour, be sure to do so!

Main Set
Cosmic Ballet
Everything by the Gallon
The Devil and the Dove
Lucky Me
The Rose
The One True Love
Ian Kelly song
Sounds of Water
The Right Words
My Eyes and Your Eyes
Attention Archers

Edmonton said...

Also, I should clarify - the "Ian Kelly song" I wrote in the list below was a song that she dueted on with her opening act.  I couldn't remember the name of it though.  Here's his website: 

Cameron said...

Hey!  Thanks so much for posting the Edmonton details.  I have London's set list that had a similar tracklisting.  A Vancouver review has the title for the Ian Kelly song too.  I haven't gotten around to updates here but appreciate the information!  Some people have started to add her setlists to too.  

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